Monday, January 20, 2014

Is Change Good?

 Now, this isn't a post about fashion, or cooking, or even crafting... which I know this blog is suppose to be about but sometimes a girl needs to voice her opinion on a issue or fact. I promise this will be one of few! I do have a new post on a DIY mirror coming up that I hope you will all enjoy! I also hope I can be more active as things keep popping up and I find myself too busy to even breath.

The issue is on change... is it good? This whole topic came to me when I found out that Glee is moving to New York to finish up their final season. I was upset when the New Directions ended... I felt like the entire show was suppose to be about the club and the music and it ended up being more about the individual characters and not the essence of the show. Now, I do believe that this show had one of the best character developments that I have ever seen! You really fell in love with each character and you didn't want to see them leave but there comes a time for change. In real life people grow up and move on, I am seeing this myself in high school and friends change and reality too. The show should have kept with the school and have the older characters move on to college or Broadway and then have little guest appearances here and there and then move on! I think people didn't want to see their favorite characters go away so they held on to them, and wouldn't let them go. Now the show will be ending in New York... the  show is called, Glee, which is a high school club and now its about young-adults in New York? I like the idea and all, but it should have just been a spin-off. I was really starting to enjoy the new characters they had introduced and it will be disheartening to see the show leave its original purpose. Not only is it trying to latch on to the last minutes left with old characters but its also sending somewhat of a messed up message. Glee club was suppose to be a place for the out-casts and a place for people to find themselves. So now the club is gone and where will that high school go now? Will it become the same miserable place it was before? Or are they eluding to a rebirth in the future? All in all it was upsetting to me in some ways to hear the news. It also brings me to my main point... change. Now moving the show to New York is change... but moving away from the original purpose... I don't know it is so confusing. I think creating a new generation of Gleeks would have been good change! It also would bring the show more revenue! I liked the direction they were going with the new cast and will be sad to see the end of this prolific show.

Places where I have seen good change are examples of Batman. At the end of the Dark Knight Rises we see "Robin-Hood" elude to being the next Batman which I thought was fantastic! Christian Bale wasn't going to be Batman forever (Ha! get it?) and like so many Batmans before him he retired and passed on the mask. Another example is with Doctor Who! Yeah, everyone cried when Rose got stuck in a parallel universe and David Tennant's "Doctor" left the show to be replaced with Matt Smith... but we learned to love the change! We never would've got Donna Noble, Amy Pond "The Girl who Waited", Rory "The Last Centurion", or River Song, Clara, and now our new Doctor who I'm sure I'll learn to love as well.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is change is good. Change can also be excruciatingly difficult but in the end is a part of life and ultimately good... I know, for I, like every other human being goes through it. Instead of mourning the change in my life, I've learned to embrace it! I set goals for myself and aim high! I have lord knows how many decades left to live, but I intend on living them to the best of my ability and thus myself... changing the world... for the better.

Okay, so that got deep! I promise this is a once yearly ordeal... so I got it out of my system! I promise to have my DIY tutorial up soon, so no fear. Have a fantastic year, a fantastic life, I'll see you all soon.

- Ingrid

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good Vibes

 Its that time of year again where smooth alternative bands hit the market! Last year it was Imagine Dragon's, Night Visions, and now there is a whole new bunch of artists that are making me crazy! Usually its around autumn when I feel the need for a slower beat and more calming vibe so alternative and indie popsters' appeal to me once the first leaf falls. I have cobbled together a list of new and old artists that you NEED to listen to!

Diane Birch:

 This singer is a mix of soulful 70's vibes and very catchy lyrics! Her new album, Speak a Little Louder came out October 15th and was a smash hit to my ears! She has such a unique voice that at some points it can move you to tears! Her style is new and fresh but still embodies that old sound heard frequently 40 years before. She has been on the scene for a couple of years now and I kicked my leg after I realized I had gone so long without this music! Check her out on You Tube, I-tunes and Pandora (Her station is the best! Think, Adele and Grace Potter!). You will not be disappointed by this artist!

Joel Baker:

I came upon this singer on a whim! I had been watching an interview on Teen Vogue's You Tube channel with Alexa Chung and she had stated that she liked this band called Wooden something... *ha* I'm not sure what it was so I quickly skipped to I-tunes and searched, "Wooden House" It came up with a jumbled together list of bands and such! I clicked on Joel Baker's song, Wooden House, and it was history! I fell in love instantly with his soft voice that sends chills down your spine! His EP, Long Sleeves, came out this past July and boy do I wish I had heard about him earlier! Please check out this artist and like it up! He could be the next big thing!

Amy Stroup:

 Amy has been around for a while now but I just recently found out about her after one of her songs was on a favorite show of mine. Her single, Wait for the Morning, is a heartfelt ballad that makes me tear up every time I listen to it! Her latest album, The Other Side of Love Sessions, is a selection of soft indie ballads that sound like a crisp fall morning! I just want to curl up by a fire whenever I hear her songs. Check out her albums on I-tunes and listen away!

Imagine Dragons:

Of course I have to put this band up! They are my most esteemed group and I shall never tire of their music! This band is from Las Vegas and released their debut album, Night Visions, last year. They are currently on a European Tour and will be returning to the states for a last hurrah! Lucky me has tickets to see them in February and let me tell you... I'M PUMPED!

Marina and the Diamonds:

This British singer released her sophomore album, Electra Heart, last year and since then I have been hooked! Her music is a mix of alternative pop with a bit of whimsy and witty lyrics. I love how fun both of her albums are! Some of her music can talk about some pretty serious feminist topics and I love how she embraces being confident in ones self! I give her music a 10/10!

 These elite 5 round out my fall favorites! All of them are unique in their own ways and yet still fresh and with the times! Never be afraid to step outside of your usual genre of music! I find myself enjoying a wide arrange of musicians! From Pop, Rap, Country, Alternative, Folk and Indie you can never go wrong with good music! Enjoy your November! Embrace life and never give up!

  Ta-ta for now!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Going Bananas!

    Since I can remember I have loved bananas! Banana cake, pie, smoothie, yogurt, milkshake, ice-cream, etc, etc! So when I woke up this morning and saw that my schedule was free (finally!) I whipped out a shopping list and decided to make Banana Cupcakes! Now these aren't just any ordinary cupcakes! Oh no... I went all out and used some handy dandy Nutella! The greatest invention since sliced bread, Nutella can be used on just about anything! I made my cupcakes and topped them off with some Nutella and Buttercream frosting and was done! I had created the cupcake from heaven *sigh*. So heres what you need to know to make your own delectable treat!

Ingredients for Cupcake:

- Betty Crocker's Gluten Free (White) Cake Mix
- 2/3 Cup Water
- 1 Stick Butter (Softened)
- 2 Teaspoons Imitation Banana Extract
- 3 eggs

(Now you can make the cupcakes with any mix you want! I am Gluten-Free and wanted something simple to use so I chose Betty Crocker's mix which makes great cakes and cupcakes! Make sure to just use Banana extract instead of Vanilla when baking for this particular treat ;) )

Ingredients for Frosting:

- 2 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature
- 2 cups powdered sugar
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
- 2 tablespoons heavy cream
- 1/4 cup Nutella

Cupcake Materials
Frosting Materials
    Now that we have our ingredients its time to BAKE! For me to get into a mood of baking I usually blast some Marina and the Diamonds, Imagine Dragons, or my new fave Selena Gomez's album, Stars Dance! Get on a cute dress, apron and get cooking! First you make the cupcakes! Pre-heat your oven to 350 F. Now mix all of your ingredients (Cake Mix, water, butter, banana extract, and eggs) in a bowl till it is all mixed together. Now fill a muffin tin with baking cups and fill the tins half full with batter. Stick in oven and bake for 18-23 minutes!

Now lets move on to the best part of these cupcakes... THE FROSTING!! First mix together the butter in a mixing bowl until it is fluffy, next you will at the powdered sugar and mix until they are combined. Then add the vanilla and heavy cream and mix for 3 to 4 minutes. Now separate the frosting (in half) and put one half into a bowl. With the frosting still in the bow add in your Nutella and mix until it is fully incorperated into the frosting.
  When your cupcakes are done let them cool and then put your frostings into two frosting bags. If you don't have these you can always cut a corner off of a ziplock bag and use that instead. Alternate frosting the cupcakes so that you get a swirl effect. Garnish with a sliced banana and enjoy!

  I hope that you enjoyed this recipe! As you can see the website has a new look :)! I decided to give it a new name! This will be the last name change. I got the idea for it because one of my biggest style icons is Audrey Hepburn and her movie Breakfast at Tiffany's was so good (Also check out Funny Face, Sabrina, and Roman Holiday!). I hope you all have a fantastic day!

   Ta-ta for now! -Ingrid

Friday, July 26, 2013

Since I've Been Gone...

  Time flies when you're having fun, and this is exactly what has happened to me! Since my last post all the way back in February a serious of events have kept me busy... so busy that I guess I forgot to update the blog! I apologize for the immense delay and hope that it will not happen again!
  School was very crazy! Finals, Clubs, State Comps, Friends, Homework, sports, being Sophomore Class Treasurer... it took away what little free time I had so instead I filled my downtime with online shopping, Pinterest, oh and Polyvore (If you don't have one... get it now! So fun!). I should have been writing some blogs but alas... no... Now you all don't have to fear because Ingrid is here (Haha kind of rhymes!) I will have a post up next week or even over the weekend on my summer finds! I went to Hawaii about a month ago and needed some warm weather outfits! I usually don't splurge on Summer things but I am so glad that I did this time! For the first time in probably five years we have a summer with warm weather and everything (Thank the good lord almighty!). I found the cutest finds at Urban Outfitters and *gasp* Target! Yep, Target! So surprised but so amazed at their stuff this year!! They really stepped up their game for sure!
   I know Kazio's layout is nice and tidy but I need a change! So a new name and color scheme and some new tricks I learned through Pinterest with jazz up this blog! I will try, try, try (Haha P!nk...) to update more often and get you a real blog post up real soon!



Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy's Inspiration

 This has been a crazy week! For four days straight I have had an after school activicty keep me for an hour after the bell rings! Though hectic it can be nice to have a busy schedule! Sorry I am a day late with this post! Busy week calls for me to put off blogging for a day!

  Last night was the Grammy's and that is what inspired me for this week! I was inpresssed this year with all the beautiful gowns! Taylor Swifts elegant white dress by J. Mendel, Carrie Underwoods glitzy Roberto Cavalli, Adele's floral Valentino, and Kimbra's amazing gown by Jaime Lee Major! The Hollywood glamor look is a major theme and I love it!! With Winter Formals and Prom's coming up it may be nice to know of some cheap finds! Glittery gowns are all the rage now! I have two glitzy cocktail dresses from Modcloth and Kohls! They were both quite inexpensive!
Modcloth (around $80.00)      Kohls (on sale for $16.00)

If you find the right store you can spot the perfect dress! My most favorite dress stores being Modcloth, Kohls, Ruche, Macy's, and Nordstrom! I anticipate you all to find your dream dresses with the help of this post :)!! Have a fantastic week! 

   Bye bye! -Ingrid

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Color Please!

  This week has been a rainy, gloomy week! I am looking forward to the sunshine! Could we just fast forward to May? Please?
  So with this dark weather I have compiled a topic for the week, colorful and bright nails! I have noticed the whole neon, pastel theme going on in the fashion world and would like to add on to it! Also how about some rainboots? With all the rain felt around the world during winter and spring, some boots would be a nice addition to any casual outfit!!

  First off, nails! Maybe due to Pinterest, a load of people are getting creative with painting nails! I have noticed these intricute, creative designs that are so cute!!! With the use of tape, q-tips, etc the list of ways to create are infinite!

  Now also on the market is stick on nails! When I first heard of them last year I thought they would be somewhat cheap looking but oh.... was I so wrong! They are so amazing! Just last week I bought a set from Sally Hanson and they make my nails look so nice! With different designs and styles you can pair them with any outfit! There are sparkly metallic and rhinestone sets, flowery and colorful designs, and textural designs! I tried out a floral set that had just a bit of sparkle rimmed around some petals! They stayed on for the whole week and I  got so many compliments! I found mine from Rite Aid! You can find them at any drug store! Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc!

  The rain has been falling for a while now! So the idea of rain boots of course came to my mind when thinking of a post for this week! I have noticed that rain boots are quite in right now! When paired with skinnies and a pretty blouse they can look absolutely adorable! You could even pair them with a light dress and cute raincoat!
Nordstrom, $135.00  

  The brand Hunter sells adorable and simple looking rain boots in an assortment of colors! You can find them at Nordstrom or I even found some on! My rain boots (shown below) were hand -me downs from my sister! They are Latitudes and were only $40.00 when she got them! I usually pair them with my skinnies and peacoat in the winter or a lighter raincoat in the spring! If you need a cheap find, Thrift stores, Hardware, or Feed stores usually have inexpensive rain boots that can be very cute!

 I hope this helped for when the weather is a bit soggy and gloomy! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  Auf Wiedersehen! -Ingrid

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Black Handbags Anyone?

   Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having or had a great day! It has been an enjoyable day for me! Spent the entire afternoon helping out at a family art class! We created collages! now I'm off to see the movie, "Lincoln" excited to what all the buzz is about! It's up for so many academy awards! Speaking of the upcoming awards show, I plan on making a layout of my favorite red carpet styles after the big event!

Chanel Bag
  My style insight of the day is all about handbags, black handbags to be exact! I have been peeking around different designer websites and Polyvore and noticed that these chic bags are quite the rage! Though simple they can complete any outfit! The biggest thing for me though is that they can go with about any combination of outfit! Black being a neutral color can be paired with every color! Red, white, blue, green, purple, you name it! Now you don't need the designer bag if you are low on funds, like I am most of the time! So I have compiled a list of places where you can find these steals! The first one being Thrift stores! These places being all the rage at the moment thanks to the hit song by Macklemore! If you look hard enough you could find some vintage pieces that are totally unique! My black bag (shown below) is a sixteen year old tote made by Coach. Its classic style makes it always a go to piece.

  If you aren't into the vintage or would like something newer, some great places are H&M, Forever 21, or even B.P. at Nordstrom! These stores usually have some inexpensive finds that work great!

     Forever 21, $44.80                                 Brass Plum, $38.00                               H&M, $34.95

  Now if you don't have enough time in your schedule to shop, online stores are always a go to place. My personal favorite, Modcloth, can have great stuff! If you look hard enough you can find cheap finds as well! They always send the things I buy very quickly and I have never ever had a problem with them! Their items are mailed in a cute box as well which just finishes the deal for me!

   Modcloth, $59.99                                                                                            Modcloth, $118.00

 Have a spectacular rest of your days! Look up some cute black handbags now!

           See you later! -Ingrid